Artificial Intelligence marks a step change in the way how creative work is conceived and delivered. The next decade will be the era of the creative director. Equipped with a deep understanding of strategy, communication and design they will be able to bring their creative vision to life liberated from executional limitations. We call this: Creative Super Powers.
Productivity tools

We build digital products

Bramp is an AI-powered collaborative online tool that streamlines and augments the strategy process and helps with project delivery. Founded by Benni Weller and Joe Mathew in 2021, Bramp is a venture capital-backed SaaS business with a mission to transform the way how brands are built.
Bramp's AI-powered strategy tool fast-tracks the discovery and definition phase. This enables us to deliver powerful strategy for every budget.
Bramp's algorithm leverages strategic inputs to create best-in-class on-brand copy and content which helps us deliver brilliant creative in less time.
We leverage Bramp's online guidelines as a delivery tool to give our clients a powerful single source of truth for their brand. No more outdated PDFs and missed emails.
Part of Bramp's delivery suite is a professional asset library for all brand-related files. No more outdated logo versions or long email trails when sharing assets with third parties. Everything in one place, always up-to-date.
Generative AI

We're masters in AI content creation

We have trained our own models, have built tools using the OpenAI GPT3 and GPT4 APIs and have generated tens of thousands of images on Midjourney, Dall-e and Stable Diffusion. That's why we're confident that artificial intelligence is the future.


For a trained professional, explaining their creative vision and generating the perfect photograph is much more efficient than searching traditional image libraries.

Art Direction

Generative AI is the perfect companion for creative campaigns and conceptual work. For the first time in history, it is possible to achieve a high level of craft during concept creation without huge budgets.


We have trained our own models on specific illustration styles and made hundreds of images for a wide range of clients. Especially for tight budgets, generative AI is the perfect tool to generate on-brand content at scale.
Curious about how we can help you bring your brand to life using AI?
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