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Awe Studios is a brand and innovation house for ambitious young businesses. We combine strategy, human creativity and the latest technologies to build tomorrow’s most desirable products and brands.
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From MVP to global icon – we build brands.
Research and assessment
Customer personas
What (Customer Value Proposition)
How (Unique Selling Proposition)
Why (Purpose)
Mission, Vision, Values
Brand personality
Competitor audit
Logo design
Colour palette
Layout system
Typography and font design
Motion design and principles
Icon design
Verbal identity and Tone of Voice
Brand guidelines
Art direction
Identity Design
Campaign creative
Asset generation (illustration, 3D, motion)
Presentations and presentation templates
Social campaigns
Print design (brochures, flyers, banners)
Webdesign including production
Branded spaces and experiences
Content support for websites and print projects
Image generation (traditional and AI-based)
Brand Rollout
UX and UI services including:
User research
Product strategy
Interface design
Product Innovation
About Awe
Awe Studios is not an agency. We are a small team of experienced entrepreneurs with a background in strategy, design and branding.  
We tailor our process, build our own tools and leverage the latest technologies to make sure we deliver everything you need, nothing you don't.
Our Tools

How we generate value

Depending on project requirements and budget we leverage Bramp, a collaborative AI-powered strategy tool to fast-track the discovery and definition phase. This allows us to deliver powerful strategy, even for startups at the earliest stages.
We leverage the latest tools to augment our creative process and to supercharge content creation. Midjourney, ChatGPT and Runway are part of our daily toolkit and give our team creative superpowers.
We use our own digital delivery tool to give our clients a powerful single source of truth for their brand. It includes fully digital guidelines and an online library for all brand-related assets.
The tools for AI-powered motion design are getting better by the day. This is the next step in our evolution. Bear with us, this is coming really soon.
what our clients say
"We have partnered with Awe Studios on a number of projects. We loved their hands-on, collaborative approach and their deep strategic thinking. Their creative genius combined with the seamless integration of technology has helped us create brands that are uniquely positioned to captivate their target audiences."
Scott Julian
CEO & Co-Founder, Tandelo
"Awe Studios helped us navigate the complexities of our offering and delivered a creative solution that was simply outstanding. Their ability to distill our vision into a clear and impactful brand exceeded all expectations."
Caecilia Potter
CEO, Venso Labs
"As a pre-seed stage startup, we had very limited resources for branding and design. The Awe Studios team have been incredible in helping us build a powerful identity based on our strategic direction. Their masterly use of AI imagery has given us the ability to punch well above our weight in acquiring our first corporate customers."
Katelyn Prendiville
CEO & Co-Founder, SeedCulture
"Thanks to Awe Studios' remarkable and contemporary brand transformation, we feel perfectly positioned for the next pivotal phase of business growth. The brand launch at the tradeshow made a lasting impact on both industry peers and customers."
Piers Symons
COO, Earlytrade
"As a marketer, I have worked with many agencies in the past and the Awe team are true professionals. They are accessible, collaborative and super creative. They helped us build our identity from the ground up including a powerful launch campaign and amazing AI imagery. And they delivered everything within a really tight startup budget. Simply amazing!"
Sheow Vern Chan
Co-Founder, Duckrow