Venso Labs


Venso Labs is a female-founded engineering startup revolutionising industrial processes while championing environmental responsibility and positive change. Their founding team approached us early in their journey to help them clarify their vision and build an identity that would help them raise funding.


Venso Labs' objective is a "win for business" and a "win for the planet", accelerating growth and unlocking new markets, while dramatically reducing energy use and improving efficiency.

The collaborative effort between Venso Labs and Awe Studios resulted in a comprehensive branding exercise including strategy, naming, brand architecture and a flexible identity system that could stretch across their master brand Venso Labs, their Venso Flow technology and multiple industry verticals like Venso Grow for seeds including separate landing pages and messaging.

The new branding successfully conveys their commitment to holistic solutions, efficiency, and sustainability while remaining accessible and inspiring to a broad technical audience. With a dynamic logo, a sophisticated colour palette, balanced typography, relatable tone of voice, impactful imagery, and a clear agenda, Venso Labs now possesses a brand that radiates positive energy and drives change at a global level. The brand identity serves as a powerful tool to communicate their mission and values, positioning them as a frontrunner in revolutionising industrial processes for a stronger and more sustainable future.

Venso Labs
Strategy, Naming, Visual identity, Website
Business stage
Seed Stage Startup
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